An AI-powered collaborative whiteboard,
enables users to effortlessly generate ideas, designs and content,
collaborate in real-time, and rapidly spark inspiration
Accurate background remover for free.
Remove background within seconds.
Generate high-quality background with reference
image and a brief written prompt
Generate image based on your ideas
Beat the blank board with a prompt. Continue writing to build out the text
Summarize to shorten the text
Upload your own media to make results
more accurate and more creative
Combine different branches with your creativity
Work with Kuse to explore a variety of concepts
From Dev Team
Unleash Creativity,  Seamlessly
No matter how advanced AI becomes, we believe that one of the most important propositions is to always place human beings at the center of the cooperative relationship with AI. Kuse is exploring the best interface for human-AI collaboration precisely to enable humans to maximize their strengths and unleash their creativity in the process of cooperating with AI.
Xiankun, Love from Kuse Team
Unleash Creativity,  Seamlessly